Recent News and Events:
05.28.2024 Welcome to Brock Dyer who joins our group as a SULI student for the summer!

05.28.2024 Welcome to Drew Autry who joins our group as a NGSI student for the summer!

10.09.2023 Yifan Liu and Parul Raghuvanshi join our group as Post-doctoral Associates. Welcome to ORNL, Yifan and Parul!

07.28.2023 Cooper receives ORE Summer 2023 Mentor MVP Award. Thanks Alp for the great recommendation!

Recent Publications:

D. H. Moseley, R. Juneja, L. L. Daemen, I. Sergeuv, R. Steinbrügge, O. Leupold, Y. Cheng, V. R. Cooper, L. Lindsay, M. K. Kidder, M. E. Manley, R. P. Hermann Vibrations and phase stability in mixed valence antimony oxide Inorg. Chem. 62 16464 (2023)

Y. Pu, D. Moseley, Z. He, K. Pitike, M. E. Manley, J. Yan, V. R. Cooper, V. Mitchell, V. Peterson, B. Johannessen, R. P. Hermann, P. Cao (Mg,Mn,Fe,Co,Ni)O: A new rocksalt high-entropy oxide Sci. Adv. 9 eadi8809 (2023)

B. Jiang, K. Pitike, D.-Y. Lin, S. C. Purdy, X. Wang, Y.-F. Zhao, Y. Zhang, P. Metz, A. Macias, H. Meyer, A. Borisevich, J. Yan, V. R. Cooper, C. A. Bridges, K. Page Local cation ordering in compositionally complex Ruddlesden-Popper n = 1 oxides APL Mater. 11 051104 (2023)